AUGUST 5, 2014
VERSION ONE - Flatcar completed but I didn't care for the thick side panels.
So I removed the side panels, cut them thinner, reinstalled, and painted.
VERSION TWO - Thinner sidewalls, boat seat, and carpet.  The dogs love
it (or they love Brianne so much they will do ANYTHING to be with her!
BASIC PARTS - Side panels, deck, 2x6 frame.  We will add end pieces,
drawbar housings, truck mounting pieces, and of course trucks.
Cutting grooves to allow for better swing for the trucks.
Stabilizers for rear truck.  The truck frame will slide on the steel plates and
will be tight for side movement.  The front truck will be free swiveling.
Front truck swivels freely in all directions.
Rear truck does not swivel side to side for a more stable ride.
Best way to work on the flatcar - upside down on the golf cart!  It's
also easy (and fun) to transport from the workshop to the railroad.