AUGUST 9, 2014
MAIN LINE BLOCKED - Overnight a large branch from a wild cherry tree
crashed across the main line near the covered bridge.  It missed the track
and was still leaning from where it snapped off the tree.
LOW CLEARANCE - Since the branch seemed stable enough, Mike and
Brianne tried running a train underneath it.  They made it through OK.  
Notice Bella is riding the flatcar with Brianne.
Going into the bridge with the dog...
...Leaving the bridge with no dog.
Up the hill with one dog..
...Out in the sun with two dogs.
One dog on a train...
...Two dogs on a train.
Two dogs at the swing...
...One man on the tree branch.
PORTABLE GENERATOR - mounted on the flatcar, ready to run the electric
chain saw.  It took Mike and I almost two hours to cut up the main branch and
haul away the smaller branches.  The generator/saw rig did just fine.
THE AFTERMATH - the thickest part of the branch is cut up into pieces
and the smaller branches are on the woodpile.  This wild cherry wood is
very heavy.  Later we'll cut it some more and haul it away.
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