AUGUST 24, 2014
Spice gets attention from Colleen, Margie, Charlotte, Mike, and Brianne.
Bella wants in on the act.  The three dogs got along very well.
Birthday Boy shows off his new Ravens Grill Cover.
Blowing out the candles on the Horseshoe Curve cake.
Spice is going crazy trying to root out a mouse from inside a pipe.  He
pulled the pipes off the trailer one by one.  But he couldn't get the mouse!
Spice joins Candy, Brianne, and Mike on a train ride.  We couldn't fit all
three dogs on the train at the same time.
Imad relaxes on the flatcar while Kate does the driving.
Just one dog this time.  Candy must have hopped off.
Candy enjoys a quiet moment with Dave.
Gennie takes a spin around the railroad behind No. 2.
Spice wanted to play badminton too.  He kept stealing the shuttlecock.
Spice, Gennie, and John.
Spice with Gennie.  Notice his tongue is sticking out as usual.
Colleen and Adrian.
Kate and Imad.
Group hug!
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