AUGUST 30, 2014
Our friends Doug and Jean were unable to attend a couple of earlier events, so we invited them to come
over for a picnic in late August. To make it special, they brought lots of food (baked beans, potato salad,
fruit salad, and desserts). They also brought Jean's brother Ralph.  We had also invited Win and Barb to
ride the trains for the first time.  After a bit of train riding and socializing, we enjoyed a great picnic, including
burgers, hot dogs, beans, and corn on the cob.  Then we got back to riding the trains and clowning around.
Doug finally got a chance to run the GP35, and
Jean was looking very relaxed on the flatcar.
Ralph is running No. 4.  Notice he is waving
and tooting the horn at the same time!
Win and Barb took a spin behind the GP35, first with Win driving and then trading places.
Yes, we had a few derailments, but it didn't stop the action for long.
Charlotte and I were dressed in our matching Calvert Central shirts.
DEATH WISH - Doug was laying on the track wondering if Ralph would actually run
him over.  Ralph is pointing to the guy on the track, but we hope he can stop in time!
CLOSE CALL!  The engineer was barely able to stop in time!
Doug has miraculously recovered and is back to riding trains.
Jean behind the wheel of a golf cart for the very first time.
The horses photo-bombed a picture of Doug and Ralph riding the train.
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