SEPTEMBER 24, 2014
The weather prediction was for a 90 percent chance of rain tonight, but when it would start was the
question.  We decided to have the Wednesday gang come over anyway, and when it started raining we
would go home.  It turned out to be a beautiful evening, about 70 degrees with a slight breeze.  We
started at 6:30 with hot dogs and beans, and it was dark by 7:15.  We had a great time running trains
and socializing, and about 8:45 Charlotte started picking up the tablecloths.  Within five minutes we felt
the first raindrops, and with everyone pitching in nicely, we got everything put away and loaded by 9:00.
Dave was not the first to arrive but he was the first to ride the trains.  The
GP35's new headlights look nice and bright,
Ken brought his daughter Marcie, her hubby Tommy, and their two-year-old
son Sebastian who loves trains.  It looks like he loves trains even more now!
Dave relaxes on the flatcar while Bob drives past the firepit, with a pile of
firewood ready to go when the time comes.
Gathered around the picnic table - John, Walt, Bobby, Don, Dave, Joe,
Pete, David, and Ed.  Roy and Dave G aren't here yet.
Darcie, Tommy, and Sebastian enjoy a few moments on the swing.
Joe, Joe, Roy, and Bob riding trains as darkness falls...and hardly any derailments tonight!
Using her Girl Scout skills, Charlotte built a very nice campfire.  Later she got
marshmallows and roasted them over the fire.
We have positioned a light so that the Presidential Bobblehead is easily
visible at night.
The headlights are nice and bright but hard to look at directly.  These are
the 16 mm LED Bolts I got from Oznium.com .
Here you can see the track and surrounding trees lit up by the GP35's
headlights.  Each one provides 17 lumens but take only .05 amps.
Sebastian, Darcie, Tommy, Joe, Ken, and Charlotte in the foreground.
Darcie and Sebastian.  I get the feeling she liked to ride as much as he did!
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