SEPTEMBER 28, 2014
Charlotte wanted her horse-riding friends to have a chance to enjoy an afternoon of riding trains.  She made a
terrific spread of pulled pork, turkey, rolls, cole slaw, potato salad, fruit salad, chocolate cake, brownies, and a
variety of snacks.  This was great because we could pay full attention to our guests instead of the grill.  Most of our
guests had never ridden this kind of train before, much less operate them on their own.  We all had a great time.
Charlotte met Janice when they both joined the Fiber Arts Guild of Oxford.  
She brought her husband Chris and here they are riding Engine #2.
Our neighbor Marcia is enjoying a ride on the flatcar.  It turns out she
knows Janice.  It's a small world!
Chris and Janice are riding through the Natural Tunnel followed by Charlotte and Marcia.
Barbara is new to the area, and she brought her friend Tom and his son.  
As she introduced him, she said he loves trains.  So before he even got a
chance to sit down, I invited him to ride a train.  He said OK, no problem.
Chris and Janice are being followed by Tom and Tom.
Tom the Third's son, Tom the Fourth, is sitting with his new friend Bella.  It
looks like he's describing the fish he just caught.  Actually he has his cell
phone (with his wife) in one hand and is waving with the other.
Marcia's granddaughter Casey stopped by and she is enjoying a ride on the
flatcar behind No. 2014.
Wayne and Kim rode their motorcycles here.  It was a great day for riding.
Bella and Candy posing with Barbara, Charlotte, Janice, and Marcia.
Kim is Charlotte's favorite horse-riding partner, and here they are as
train-riding partners.
Since this was Wayne's first time driving a train, he was taking it a little slow
at first, so Kim had no trouble catching up to him.
You can tell by the headlights, all three trains are out on the line.
By the time John and Karen started riding, it was already getting dark.
The covered bridge was a big hit.  Here's Chris and Janice in the bright sun.
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