OCTOBER 8, 2014
I found this piece of aluminum tubing while poking around the garage, some
kind of handle which had the correct size to fit around the headlights.
After cutting a few trial pieces on the band saw, I came up with this shape.  
We will have to put up with the fluting but that's OK.
Installed on the lower headlight...not perfect, but close enough.
Here's the visors after final painting and installation.
The rear headlight housing started as a block of pine.
I shaped it with a hacksaw and file, then used a 5/8 inch drill.
The headlight "bulbs" came from a container of half-and-half.
Then we trimmed the "bulb" to fit inside a ring made of the
same aluminum pipe we used for the front headlight visors.
The completed rear headlights.  They will never be used as headlights but
they look OK.  I also installed red LEDs as classification lights.
We also installed classification lights at the front of the locomotive.  These
are prewired LED's from, same source as the headlights.