SEPTEMBER 20, 2014
Headlights in "off" position.  These are 16 mm LED Bolts in warm white.  The
current is .46 watts per bulb, light output 17.7 lumens.
Headlights in "on" position.  They are way too bright for the camera when it
is pointed directly at the lights.  They run directly from a 12 volt battery.
This is what the LED Bolts look like. They can be ordered in silver or black
aluminum housings.  There is also a nut to secure it (not pictured).
Battery pack and switch panel for the 3 volt LEDs.  I got the battery holder
from All Electronics and the switches from Amazon, a 5 pack for 7.99.
I'm not sure what they're called, but prototype locomotives have lights
shining down from the frame to the ground, located above the trucks.
On the model I mounted them to the frame using pieces of 1/4 inch
Plexiglas, one hole for the LED and one hole for the drywall screw.
Action shot of the light shining down on the deck of the trailer.  I ordered
warm white LED's but they look slightly green in color.
As a joke to tease my Republican friends, I got a President Obama bobble-
head doll and mounted it at the engineer's position.  I also made a light
mount so you can see the "engineer" at night.
The light works great. My buddies Roy and Dave can have all the fits they
want, but there are plenty of Democrats in our group who can get the
political debates going.  Yes, I admit, I am a pot-stirrer!
I found a great source for headlights and LED's, .  They were recommended by my
friend Larry D from the Yahoo Live Diesel group.  Oznium has many kinds of LED's, 12 volt and
3 volt, and many accessories to help with wiring. The shipments arrive quickly, usually 2-3 days.