MAY 24, 2015
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On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, Molly brought her hubby John and her sons Gage and Greyson
to come and ride the trains.  They've been here before and I'm sure they will be here again based
on how they enjoyed their visit.  The trains were running nonstop the entire time they were here.
And once John started running the GP35, we couldn't pry him out of the seat if we tried!
Molly presented me with three gifts from my friends at work: a get-well card
signed by everyone, a Ravens jersey, and a photo of the whole gang, most
of whom were wearing purple because they know I'm a big time Ravens fan!
David sits on the swing with Mom, content to settle in while Molly and her
boys rode the trains. David will be getting married this summer and we
were working on some ideas for the rehearsal dinner.
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