JUNE 12, 2015
Paul texted me to say he came up with a great idea.  He wouldn't tell me what it was at
first - just asked me when he and Amy could come over and show me. We arranged for
Saturday at noon.  By the time I got there, they were all set up with a four-car train:
locomotive #4, rider car, flat car with a spray tank and pump, and a rider car in the
back. This, he said, is a working train, a spray train to kill weeds growing on the tracks.
PUMP SYSTEM - A battery, 12-volt pump, and a spray tank filled with
Prosecutor Pro, an excellent herbicide which should do the trick.
PROFESSIONAL SPRAY APPLICATOR - Since it's part of his job, he is fully
qualified to apply pesticides.  Here you can see how he sprays the tracks.
UP THE HILL - Amy had to move to the locomotive itself because it was
losing traction pulling the heavy train up the hill.
IN THE WOODS - Yes, there were weeds growing between the rails despite
the deep shade.
OUT IN THE SUN - No traction problems here!
END OF THE LINE - They sprayed right up to the end of the track under
Just riding the train through the covered bridge. Amy's giving it a little push.
Riding uphill though the thick forest,.
A great day to ride a train!
A very happy passenger!
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