JUNE 20, 2015
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With encouragement from my friend Larry D, I made sure to find the time to add some
well-needed details.  I might be incorrect with the terminology, but let's call them grabirons,
the footholds used by crews to service the locomotive.  There are 12 located around the
locomotive.  I also added a full-width railing to the pilot and a brake hose provided by Larry.
On the rear of the long hood, there is a ladder-like series of 6 grabirons on
the left and one on the right.
On the short hood, there are two grabirons on the front (hidden by the
railings), one as a step, one on the roof of the short hood, and one on the
side. This view also shows the new pilot railing and brake hose.
The pink card has the dimensions of the grabirons. I found it best to make
them a little longer than the original plan. The wire is number 8 copper.
After marking the first bend, we mount the wire on a vise.
We use a block of wood to make the bend as straight as possible.
Then we finish the 90 degree bend with the tap of a hammer.
The measurement of the second bend is a little tricky. Place the left side of
the first bend , not its center, against the mark.
The idea is to have a center-to-center dimension of 58 millimeters.
To make the next bends accurate, we place a piece of 1/2 inch plywood
underneath the piece, place it on the vise, and tighten it up.
After we remove the plywood, we bend the piece and ensure that the angle
is 90 degrees.
This is the finished product, center-to-center 58 mm, first bend 11.6 mm.
Then it's time for spray paint, using Rustoleum 2x Ultracover in yellow.