AUGUST 22, 2015
This year, Charlotte wanted to throw me a nice big birthday party to include as many relatives as possible.  She
even had the food cooked by a caterer so we wouldn't have to spend all the time to cook.  It worked out quite well.
I'm reading birthday cards with the gang looking on. Kylee (sitting next to me)
made several wonderful cards by hand.  There were also a number of very
funny cards and nice gifts.
HORSE SHOE CURVE CAKE - Charlotte made this delicious chocolate
cake using Kit Kats for ties and pretzel sticks for rails.
Kylee drives her Aunt Kate and her bother Ben around the railroad.,  The
kids were patient through the food and celebration; They wanted to ride!
I'm driving my sister Chris with my son David in teh background. For my
birthday she gave me a beautiful watercolor that she painted herself.
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