JUNE 10, 2016
It began as a Friday afternoon "Happy Hour" with my former coworkers.  
Here Chris and Michelle go for a spin, their first ride on the Calvert Central.
When I brought Candy to the railroad, she decided to stay on the golf cart,
at least until we started eating hot dogs. Then she got very friendly.
When I said she sometimes rides the train, Lindsey said let's try it. So she
bribed Candy with a piece of hot dog. It worked like a charm!
Lindsey got Candy into position and off we went. Candy was content to stay
on the train, not even trying to get off till the ride was over.
Over the meadow and through the woods, the doggie was quite at ease.
It seemed like everyone there was taking pictures of the dog riding the train.
Thanks, John, for taking these pictures with my camera.
MOMMY'S HOME - When Charlotte joined us, little Candy was SO happy to
see her Mommy and tell her what a great time she had today.
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