JULY 27, 2016
It was a hot day and it was still 86 degrees when the Wednesday Gang arrived.  But the best
way to cool off was to ride a train along the mostly-shaded route of the Calvert Central.
HOT DOGS - It started with hot dogs and beans.  Roger was kind enough to do the
cooking. Joe brought hot dogs, Carl brought rolls, and Walt and John brought ice.
COOLING OFF - Dave takes Number 2 for a spin around the railroad.
DISTRACTED DRIVER - Bob concentrates on taking a video, not driving.
THE CHASE - Dave is following them close behind...without distractions.
TRUST - Alan and Roy are still alive despite the reckless engineer.
RARE MILEAGE - Don runs a train on rarely-used trackage.
RELAXED - Walt and Carl look very comfortable with Bob at the throttle.
JOE SANDWICH - Doug rides between Joe and Joe.
ALL SMILES - Same train with John, Walt, and Sean.
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