APRIL 21, 2016
Our first flatcar has turned out to be very popular with riders.  So it's time for a second one.  The body
doesn't cost much - maybe 30 dollars or so for wood, paint, and hardware - but the trucks are the expensive
part, 365 dollars.  So I built the body last year and waited until this year to buy the trucks and finish the car.
OLD VERSUS NEW - The main parts are deck, sides, ends, and center sill.
The only difference is that old one has a 2x6 sill (which had to be notched
so the trucks could swivel better), the new one a 2x4.
DRAWBAR POCKETS - These consist of three pieces of 3/4" plywood: the
base, 3 inch by 10 inch; the top, 3 inch by 4 inch; and a filler piece.  The
base is securely attached to the center sill and then other pieces to each
other, using 2-inch drywall screws.
COMPLETED DRAWBAR POCKET - painted blue inside and out to match
the rest of the car.
TRUCK MOUNT - 2 pieces of 2x4s, a piece of 1/2 inch plywood, and 2 steel
slider plates on which the trucks slide, offering side-to-side stability.
SWIVEL MOUNT - the truck is designed to hold weight near the sides, on
side bearing pads, just like on the real thing. A coating of oil keeps it sliding
freely.  The other truck is mounted without pads so that it can swivel freely
in all directions. It works best if the free-swiveling truck is the front truck
COMPLETED FLATCAR - ready to roll.  We may be adding a comfortable
folding seat in the near future, which everybody seems to enjoy.
BOAT SEAT MOUNTING BLOCK - Seat is mounted to a 14 x 28 inch piece
of 3/4 plywood. 5/16-inch dowels have been mounted in the corners.
COMPLETE WITH SEAT - Locating holes have been drilled in the deck and
the seat fits just right.  I bought this seat at Walmart for 30 bucks. A similar
seat, in an assortment of colors, is available at Eastern Marine for 55 bucks.
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