SEPTEMBER 21, 2016
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It was Joe's turn to host the Wednesday night crew, but I volunteered to take his place since he was
vacationing at the Outer Banks.  It was very nice weather, relatively warm for this time of year, and
no rain this time.  A total of 14 guys came over, a very good crowd. A few came early to help
Charlotte with setup and she really appreciated it.  We enjoyed beverages, hot dogs, beans,
snacks, and candy.  We had to start running the trains early because it was getting dark by 7:15.  
We ran trains in the dark with the help of headlights and flashlights.  When it was time to put
everything away, the guys were extremely helpful at stowing the trains, chairs, and cushions, then
clearing the tables and loading the golf cart.  It was a wonderful evening here at the Calvert Central!