A Western Maryland GP-40 pulls a coal train around a
curve with a beautiful dogwood blooming in the
background. The cars behind the locomotive carry the
batteries and receiver.

Indoor RR Track Plan
Indoor RR Progress - Jan. 2008
Indoor RR Progress - Feb. 2008
Handlaying Track
Budd Car's First Run
Building the Lower Loop
Building the Upper Loop
Continuous Running At Last
Budd Car Takes a Fall
Hole in the Wall
Up the Hill
Out the Door
Into the Garden
Building the Garden Railroad
Trains Posing in the Garden
Visit From Mark and Chris
Building the Shady Grove Loop
Open House - June 7
Open House - June 8
Saturday Morning Run
Rolling Eggs Railroad
Connector for the Kidney Branch
A new Wye
Expanding the Indoor Yard
Rerouting the Indoor Main Line
A new route for the Mikado
The Petersburg and Charlottesville Railroad is a G scale railroad which moved from Newark, Delaware to Calvert, Maryland a few years ago.  Construction at the new location
started in January 2008.  The railroad now consists of a 150-foot loop in a garden with access to a basement railroad for running and storing trains.  Currently the railroad is
relatively dormant, as our spare time and energy are involved in other pursuits, including the Calvert Central Railroad (see above).
Photo Pages

P&C Open House 10/26/08
P&C Open House 10/18/08
A Visit to Delaware Creek Live Steamers
Video - 425 Whistle Salute
Video - Steam in Lehigh Gorge
Steam Excursion on the Reading and Northern
Downstate Delaware Open Houses - 6/21/08
Video of BuddCam at B&O RR Museum
The Budd Car's Travels in 2007
A Visit to the Beacon Hill Railroad
Photos of Cranberry Creek and Pinelands Railroad
Photos of West Berlin Garden Railroad
Video of West Berlin (NJ) Garden Railroad
Railfan trip to Horseshoe Curve and Western Md.
Video of train climbing the hill from Altoona to Gallitzin
Video of Western Maryland Steam Engine
Video of Two Trains Exiting Gallitzin Tunnel
Photos of 2007 National Convention in Las Vegas
Video of 1.5-inch Scale Railroad in Nevada
Video of Night Train in Kingman Canyon
Video of BNSF Stack Train in Kingman Canyon
Video of Nevada Northern Diesel Train
Video of Nevada Northern Steam Train
Nevada Northern Steam Train
Nevada Northern Shop Tour
Nevada Northern Yards
Nevada Northern Diesel Train
Raifanning at Kingman Arizona
Video ; Seven Trains And A Dog
New Link: 2007 Open House Schedule
Video of Easter Egg Train
East Coast Large Scale Train Show
Railfanning in York - 3/30/07
How to Make and Share Video Clips
Visit to Baltimore Society of Model Engineers
Video of Triple Headed Eggliner Snowplow
Video of Eggliner Snowplow at Work - 2/13/07
Dan and Mike's N Scale Layout - 11/23/06
Toland's Open House - 10/14/06
Last Run on the Dal Valley Railroad- 10/9/06
A Visit to Ken's Garden Railroad - 9/25/06
History of theP&C
Steamers Gather at the P&C - 9/11/06
Wednesday Night Crew at the P&C - 9/6/06
Operating Session at Ken's - 8/30/06
Operating Session at Dan's - 8/23/06
Operating Session at Doug's - 8/17/06
Operating Session at Joe's - 8/16/06
An Evening at the Marshallton Central - 8/14/06
Mason Dixon Club Visits the P&C - 8/20/06
Build a locomotive maintenance cradle
Railfanning at Tehachapi Loop
Photos from June 2006 Open Houses
2006 June Open House Schedule
G Scalers in Houston Texas 4/6/06
Railfanning in York, PA 3/31/06
The Railroad Tackles the Blizzard of 2006
A Ride on the West Chester Railroad 9/25/05
How To Pull Motors from an SD45
How-To Pages
Railfan Photos

2004 p1 2 3 4
2005 p1 2 3
Woodshed and Firepit
Removable Batteries
Building a Second Flatcar
A New Main Line
GP35 Grabirons
GP35 Horns and Handrails
GP35 Finishing the Headlights
GP35 Headlights and LEDs
Building a plywood flatcar
GP35 Speaker, Numbers, Brake Cylinders
3-Way Stub Switch
Trailer Dolly
GP35 Corner Steps
GP35 Rear Pilot, Jack, Rear Truck
GP35 Trailer Modifications
GP35 Fuel Tank
GP35 Test Drive
GP35 Test Track and Front Pilot
GP35 Truck Sideframes
GP35 Truck installation
Building a Plywood GP35 p.2 p.3 p.4 p.5
2014 Track Expansion
Building a Trailer for the GP35
Assembling Track Panels
Installing Track
A new Galloping Goose
Moving the Goose to the tracks
Big Load of Ballast
Progress on Building Track
Almost Done the Loop
The Loop is Done!
Trackwork on a Cold Winter's Day
Building a turnout
Building a turnout - p. 2
Building a turnout - p. 3
The Turnout is Done!
Brakes and a Test Run
Getting Ready for the Shed
Moving Stone for the Shed
The Shed Arrives
Back to Work on the Railroad
The New Loop is Done
Installing a Turntable
Building a Small Locomotive
Lettering and Riding the Critter
Building a Rider Car
Track Expansion
Construction Progress
Moving a Load of Stone
Installing a Girder Bridge
Tracklaying Progress
Finishing the New Main Line
Installing another turnout
Building a small bridge
Building an 0-4-0 "Goat" Locomotive
Goat (Continued)
Building the "Goat Tote"
Building a Tender
Detailing the Goat's boiler front
Building a Bobber Caboose
Docking Station for the Goat
A Snowplow for the Critter
A New Order of Rail and Supplies
Modifications to the Snowplow
Building a Caboose, Cont'd.
Building a Caboose, Page 3
Rebuilding the Fence
Rebuilding the Fence, page 2
Rebuilding the Fence, page 3
Track Expansion
Track Expansion, page 2
Track Expansion, page 3
Building a Work Car
Building a Crossing
Spring Suspension for Riding Cars
How to turn a Goat Upside Down
Building a Stub Switch
Building a Wye Switch
A New Reversing Track
Building a Gondola Car
Building a Second Critter Locomotive
Building Plywood Couplers
Rebuilding the Galloping Goose
Rebuilding the Galloping Goose, page 2
Rebuilding the Galloping Goose, page 3
Rebuilding the Galloping Goose, page 4
Steering System for the Goose
A New G Scale Railroad Appears
Spring Suspension for the Caboose
Headlight for the Goat
Building a New Loading Ramp
Honey-do Loop
Building a Number 8 Turnout
Taming the Briar Patch p. 1  p.2
Building track panels
The Track Expansion Begins
Building a Covered Bridge p. 1   p.2
Track Expansion continues
Rebuilding Sassafras Junction
Completing the Briar Patch Branch
Covered Bridge Continued p.1 p.2 p.3
Building a 20 Degree Crossing
2013 Track Expansion Project   p.2
Golf Cart Rack For Critter
Rider Car with Comfy Seat

Mason-Dixon LS RR Club
SE Pennsylvania GRS
Shore Line Garden RR Club


West Berlin Garden RR (N.J.)
Chris Petka's ID&OM
Keith Heck's Three Cedars RR
Newark High School
Marching Band 2007
Newark High School
Marching Band 2006
Photos of 2005 G Day Open Houses:
Page 1 - P&C June 26
Page 2 - P&C June 26
Page 3 - Other RRs June 26
Page 4 - Other RRs June 26
Page 5 - P&C June 27
Page 6 - Keiths June 27
Non-railroad photos
from 2006 California Trip
San Francisco
Pacific Ocean
California Critters
Photos from
Nelleka and
Brandon's Wedding
The Petersburg and Charlottesville Railroad is a battery-powered, all-weather backyard railroad located in Newark, Delaware.  The trains are G gauge, 1:29 scale. The
railroad fills most of our back yard, about 70 x 80 feet. It has 4 independent loops of 250 feet each, two smaller loops, and many sidings and storage tracks. All turnouts are
handlaid. All trains are battery powered, carrying batteries and remote controls within locomotives or trailing cars.
We have open houses in late spring and mid fall each year.  We had an Open House on Sunday November 4, the last Open House at this location
. The railroad is moving to
Calvert Maryland. We will keep you updated on progress.
This website was launched in March 2003 and has been growing ever since. In June 2006 it was upgraded to a GeoCities Plus site so you don't have to look at ads. There
are lots of photos and several how-to articles. I add more all the time, so check back often!
Photos from
Colleen and Adrian's
It's Father's Day 2011 and the whole gang's on board. You can tell what this
railroad is all about by the smiles on everyone's face!
9/21 - Last Day of Summer
9/18 - Mason Dixon Club
9/16 - Pizza Night
8/31 - Thunderstorm
8/27- Birthday Party
8/20 - A New Station
7/27 - Hot Dogs on a Hot Night
6/29 - Wednesday Gang Full House
6/10 - Candy Steals the Show
9/16 - Last Wednesday Run of the Year
8/22- Birthday Party
7/31 - Joe and his Grandchildren
7/22 - Helpful Wednesday Gang
7/21 - New Water Tower
6/12 - Weed Killer Train
5/24 - Molly and her Family
5/16 - Nate, Rachael, Kylee, and Ben
5/11 - Lunch Hour with Lindsey and Molly
5/8 - Happy Hour with the Gang from Work
5/6 - Big Crowd for a Wednesday
4/18- Logging Train
9/27 - Horse Riders Riding Trains
9/24 - Waiting for the Rain
9/5 - A Long Happy Hour
8/30 - Doug, Jean, Ralph, Win, and Barb
8/27 - Getting Dark Earlier
8/24 - Birthday Party with Family
8/23 - Birthday Party
8/16 - 3 Young Families
8/10 - Mason Dixon Club Meeting
8/9 - Paul and Amy
8/9 - Clearing the Main Line
7/30 - Dogs and Hot Dogs
7/23- Thunderstorm
7/13 - The Jersey Side of the Family
7/2- Wednesday Gang rides the GP35
6/28- Nate, Rachael, Ben, Kylee
6/20 - Happy Hour
6/15 - Father's Day
6/1 - Paul and Amy
5/28 - Trains in the Rain
5/26 - Family Barbeque
5/25- G Scalers Picnic
5/4 - Eric stops by
4/24 - Visitors from Savannah
9/30 - Our neighbors visit the railroad
9/28 - Mary and her family
9/15- Sean, Andrew, and Jared
9/5 - Wednesday Night Weenie Roast
9/2 - Austin, Emma, and Cole
8/25 - Mason Dixon Club Meeting
8/23 - Rice Water Weevil Team Picnic
8/18 - Margie, Gennie, and Spicey
7/31 - Sophie joins the club
7/26 - Dog Day in July
7/21 - Nel,Rachael,Colleen, and Adrian
6/20 - Greyson's Birthday
6/16 - Father's Day
6/2 - David and the Dogs
6/1 - Paul rides the Camelback
5/29 - Wednesday Night Hot Doggers
5/26 - G Scalers' Picnic
10/25 - Fall on the Calvert Central
9/12 - It's Getting Dark Earlier
8/29 - Squeezing Through the Covered Bridge
8/26 - Riding in the Rain
8/16 - Rice Water Weevil Picnic
7/24 - Nelleka, Brandon, and Candy
6/6 - Wednesday Gang Rides Again
5/27 - G Scalers Picnic
4/15 - Paul and his Dad

2/28 - Riding the Flatcar
5/14 - Riding the Galloping Goose
6/12 - Riding the New Critter Locomotive
6/16 - Fun Times on the Calvert Central
6/20 - More Adventures with the Critter
6/23 - Running Passenger Trains
6/26 - More Good Times on the CC
7/25 - Dog Days of July
8/2 - Running at Del. Creek Live Steamers
8/11 - Mark,Luke,Chris,Jerry,Clair,Mitch
9/5 - Riding the new track
9/26 - Riding the Rails
10/25 - Test Run of the 0-4-0 "Goat"
11/15 - The Goat Rides Again
12/6 - Santa Visits the Calvert Central
1/31 - Plowing Snow
2/9 - Heavy Snow
6/10 - Mile-by-Mile Photo Tour
6/20 - Running Trains on Father's Day
6/30 - Wednesday Night Running Trains
7/5 - Cliff's Family Goes For a Ride
7/9 - The Murray Family Rides the Train
7/11 - Dirk's Family Rides the Train
7/28 - The Wednesday Gang Rides Again
8/15 - Mason Dixon Club comes for a visit
8/19 - Rice Water Weevil Team visits the CC
8/22 - Trains in the Rain
9/5 - Neighbors and Friends
9/19 - A Sunday Afternoon Picnic
10/9 - Nathan, Rachel, Kylee, and Ben
10/10 - Horse Riders Riding the Trains
10/30 - Ken, Liz, Lilly, Owen, Bob, Joseph
1/13 - Plowing a Four Inch Snowfall
5/8 - Paul, Ed, Mickey, Max, and Annalise
5/28 - Chris, Debbie, Chase, and Kaylee
6/4 - Ken and Quinn
6/19 - Father's Day 2011
6/26 - G Scalers Picnic
6/26 - G Scalers Picnic p. 2
6/29 - Wednesday Night Wrecking Crew
8/21 - Mason Dixon Club
8/28 - Hurricane Irene
8/31 - Campfire
9/19 - Six Pack
11/19 - Dave, Josh, and Brian
11/16- Gallloping Goose's First Run
The Calvert Central is a 1:8 scale, 7.5-inch-gauge ride-on railroad located in Calvert, Maryland.  
It was started in October 2008.  It currently consists of an 1217-foot main line with 16 turnouts, 2
crossings, and a 3-track storage yard in a large shed.  Equipment includes a "Galloping Goose"
rail truck, two 4-wheeled diesel locomotives, an 0-4-0 Camelback locomotive, a GP35, 6 riding
cars, and a caboose.  All engines run on battery power with mechanisms and controllers supplied
by Ride Trains of West Valley City, Utah.
VIDEO - Train Ride around the Calvert Central
VIDEO - Running the New GP35
VIDEO - Wednesday Gang Rides Again
VIDEO - CritterCam
VIDEO - Camelback's First Test Run
VIDEO - Test Run Riding the Tender
VIDEO - Camelback Chases the Critter
VIDEO - Plowing Snow With the Critter
VIDEO - Trying to Plow the Heavy Snow
VIDEO - Clearing the Last Snowdrift
VIDEO - Dave and Kelly Take a Ride
VIDEO - A Spin around the Calvert Central
VIDEO - Plowing Snow and Taking a Ride
VIDEO - Night Running on the Calvert Central
VIDEO - The Real Galloping Goose No. 7
Updated 10/18/16
Battery Power
2006 Bay Area
Suppliers for Ride On Trains
Building Trains on a Budget
Construction Specs
Specs for No. 6 Turnout
Specs for No. 8 Turnout

Ute Pass Railroad - 7/13/11
Colorado Live Steamers - 7/16/11
Pisgah Central - 11/1/08
Delaware Creek Live Steamers
Video - Pahrump Valley & Armagosa (Nevada)
Video - Chesapeake & Allegheny Live Steamers
Brianne, Colleen, and the Dogs 9/7/14
Piney and Smokey in the Snow 1/31/10
Piney and Smokey in the Snow 2/7/10
Kim's Horses 2/28/10

Video - Mule and Dog Play in the Creek
Video - Tomecca and Smokey Rolling in the Snow
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Chasing the Bee Line Engine at Port Deposit - 9/22/13
Norfolk Southern Heritage Units
Galloping Goose Hunt - 7/12/11
Steam Powered Freight Train at Strasburg - 8/17/12
Norfolk Southern Office Car Special - 7/15/13
15-Inch-Gauge Railroad at Strasburg - 8/13/13
11/2/13 - Steamup at Dan's
(G scale live steamers)
NEW WOODSHED AND FIREPIT -Paul recently built and
installed a firepit and a woodshed to house the firewood.